Bundle needs you!

Bundle needs you!

How would you like to own shares in an exciting new startup?

By crowdfunding we’re giving you the opportunity to join in on our future success.

Success Bundle can achieve by changing the way people discover and consume local news.

Since 2000, regional newspaper circulation has more than halved and more closures are inevitable. This demise combined with the fact that almost 40% of the UK population use online sources to access local news, demonstrates a desire for local news that is becoming increasingly difficult to fulfil.

We believe that Bundle is the solution to this - a mobile app that connects your current location with newsworthy articles.

We have a very clear vision for Bundle, and have been quietly working away on it since May of this year. Before we can make Bundle widely available in the app stores our tech team have to ensure that our users 'never miss out on the news that matters nearby' and this promise involves rigorous problem solving.

Giving away part of our company is the best way to raise the funds required to craft Bundle into a service that you will love and use everyday and we have chosen crowdfunding on Seedrs as the vehicle for raising seed capital.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of asking people to collectively fund a project, product, cause or business. The campaign process will help us reach those who share our vision of making local news more accessible and is an excellent way to develop a network of early supporters.

Why Seedrs?

Seedrs, an equity crowdfunding platform, makes it very simple to invest. The platform allows you to learn about startups that are looking for capital, make investments in the ones you like and watch as the businesses you invest in grow – all directly through the website.

Whenever there is a return on your investment – such as when the business pays a dividend, floats on a stock exchange or is bought by another company – the money will get paid directly to you.

The crowd can invest as much or as little as they wish (£10 to £100,000) and as we are SEIS eligible for UK taxpayers, investing in Bundle is a great option for many people. At the very least, HMRC will give you back 50% of your original investment in income tax relief.

Kelvin Lockwood

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Founder & Product Owner at Bundle. Design Thinker. Problem Solver.